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                       recorded, mixed and mastered by stefan kraatz, at l26 studio, berlin.

cover artwork by oscar rey.
design by felipe madureira.
all songs by joão xavi.

1)Batuque inicial [initial batuque] A brief ode to the power of tradition of Afro-Brazilian rhythms, summarized in the word batuque. “The language of a people who speaks with the body moving to its batuque”.

2)Ou me respeita, ou me relaxa [respect me or relax me] Inspired by the saying my great uncle repeated over and over, “respect me or relax me” plays with the identity of Baixada Fluminense and the idea of malandragem. The voice sampler is a commentator narrating a goal scored by Flamengo, the club I love <3

3)Atlântico [atlantic] Inspired by the book “A river called the Atlantic”, by Alberto da Costa e Silva, this track is about the ancestral African traditions and their presence in Brazilian daily life and culture.

4)Lá vai Ela [there she goes] Narrates the oppressive daily life of a young woman from the favela and the desire for freedom. The guitar in the sampler was recorded by Rosinha de Valença, an instrumentalist with great recognition in the sexist world of samba.

5)Batuqueiro pedreiro Narrates the daily life of a civil construction worker who finds in music his redemption – the ritual of changing in and out of his uniform and resuming day after day his own identity: the Samba, the dance, the train to the suburbs.

6)Passe ar A pretty dress and the wish to feel the streets. An ode to free time, to the art of wandering seasoned with the company of the loved one. Perhaps a 2.0 version of Baudelaireʼs flâneur.

7)O que você seria se não tivesse medo? [what would you be if you had no fear?] The phrase is a classic graffiti found in buildings in Rio de Janeiro. A direct provocation that tensions the dichotomy fear/courage.

8)Suor, calor e poeira [sweat, heat, and dust] What influences can the heat have on our daily lives? A trip about the trip on “Do the right thing”, by Spike Lee, adapted to the scenery of Rioʼs suburbs in the 1980s. Or the story of how faith saved my life.

9)The Cosmic Race Inspired by the book “La raza Cósmica” by José Vasconcelos, a positive look, with bits of Afro-tourism, on the processes of racial miscegenation that have taken place for 500 years in Latin America. A new race originated from the mixing of all the peoples is the tone for a more colored future for all humanity.

10)Artificial astrology Men conquered space and today more and more satellites and other artificial elements are part of the landscape. Transmission signals, magnetic waves occupy the invisible field between every person living on the planet. What influences will these elements have in this new artificial astrology?